The Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MRE Program selects, every six months, PEC-G students who have high academic performance, after indication of the Higher Education Institutions through a pre-selection, observing the criteria established by that organization.

The prize is a Certificate, and a scholarship for six months and the possibility of having the airfare back to their country of origin funded by the Brazilian Government, when they finish the course. The final selection of the applying students to the award is made by MRE.

The Merit Scholarship is awarded to PEC-G students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement.

The benefit, amounting to R $ 622.00 per month, is granted for a period of 6 months. Beneficiaries are also entitled to a return airfare to the country of origin, after finishing the course.

The application and selection processes are regulated by a specific Call. The Higher Education Institution, in which the student studies, must indicate them after a selection. The indication must be made through a letter addressed to the Division of Educational Issues (DCE) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This letter must be accompanied by:

  • The Application form, filled in and duly signed by the student and by the responsible for PEC-G at the higher education institution, with the student’s bank account, agency number, bank’s name, CPF (Brazilian Social Security Number), telephone, e-mail;
  • A Term of Commitment signed by the student, declaring that they are not engaged in remunerated activity;
  • Proof of the student's enrollment in the higher education institution, indicating, if possible, the subjects to be studied in the next semester;
  • Updated Transcript of records, with the grades of the last semester;
  • Copy of the page of the passport with the current visa and the RNE (Brazilian Registry of Foreigners), or its updated protocol, proving the student’s regular permanence in Brazil;
  • An Statement containing the Academic Performance Index (average of the grades of all the subjects studied, including those in which the student failed, if applicable), on a scale of 0 to 10, and expected course completion date (semester);
  • In the case of participation in extra-class activities, in research or extension activities, proof of participation of the student, with indication of the date of completion and duration of the activity;
  • And Individual Letter of Recommendation, written and signed by a Professor who taught any of the subjects the student took in the previous semester.


It is not possible to appeal the decision regarding the Merit Aid. The examining board’s final decision must be accepted by all.


Source: Ministério das Relações Exteriores

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