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Academic International Cooperation

The International Cooperation entails the involvement between institutions at a level that favors the development of relationships, transference of knowledge and strengthening of friendship bonds in order to improve the quality of higher education. The principal way of making cooperation official is through Agreements. They establish the bases of joint projects and research and exchange of professors and students between UnB and other institution, seeking for excellence both in undergraduate and graduate courses.

The International Affairs Office – INT of UnB aims not only to internationalize but also promote a supportive internationalization, with help to students coming from less developed countries through programs and actions that contribute to their academic formation.

What is an Agreement?

A Bilateral (between two parties) or Multilateral (among more than two parties) Agreement can be defined as the convergence in the objectives of two or more institutions in order to produce legal effects, i.e., rights and duties between each other. Thus, it allows student mobility between UnB and said institutions, according to the interests or needs of the parties (students, professors and staff). The Agreement must be singed by the Rector and has a maximum of 5 years in duration, automatically renewable for an equal period of time.