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First, students must access the subject system on the MatriculaWeb site. Select your corresponding level 

Graduação – Undergraduate 

Pós Graduação (Mestrado/Doutorado) – Graduate (Master/Doctoral)

In the following webpage, select the option Curso (course) in the left menu. Then, select Darcy Ribeiro, our main campus. Next, click on the course which more closely corresponds to the student’s course at the home institution (in case there is more than one option, choose the one with Diurno to daytime and Noturno to nighttime). 

The student must choose preferentially the subjects listed on the option Fluxo of the corresponding course at the home institution. Alternatively, it is also possible to choose subjects from the option Currículo. In case the student needs to attend any discipline which is not on the list of the chosen course, the request must be justified by the home university. 

The learning agreement must contain a proposal with, at least, 7 disciplines. After arriving, the student will have a period for confirmation of the requested subject. From the pre-selected disciplines, we recommend the student to effectively attend around 4. 


The student may change the original learning agreement, only with authorization from the course coordinators from both UnB and the home institution.