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The UnB has 5 apartments in Colina, and offers 24 spots to the exchange students. If you want to live in Colina, you must send to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  your name and your arrival day, explaining that you want to book a room in Colina. 

Colina is located in the Darcy Ribeiro campus. The apartments are shared and cost R$ 600.00 per month. Apartments will be available for selected students only on the first day of classes.

Student must make provisional accommodation arrangements. Other accommodation options:

 Rental properties can be leased from property-owner or real estate agent.Real estate agents usually ask for guarantors resident in the Federal District and insurance deposit. You can find on line accommodation offers on or by talking directly with the concierge of the building. Small apartments (kitchenette) or Living with co-tenants (República) are usually the most affordable housing option. Kitchenette options near UnB campus are located on 406/407 and 410/411 north. Accommodation advertisements are usually published on the boards of the Instituto Central de Ciências (ICC) building. Check also on: or on social networks such as Facebook "Brasilia- dividir moradia”. 

Please notice that student accommodations at the Colina are limited and they are offered based on competitive selection, so make sure to apply by the deadlines