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INT Divisions


The Direction has the strategic functions of carrying out the internationalization policies of the UnB; promoting internal relationships with the Deans, Institutes and Schools, Centers, Academic and Student Coordinations; promoting external articulation with the Foreign Embassies in Brazil, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Presidency of the Republic, Foreign Universities and Funding Agencies; executing Governmental Policies; representing the Rector in national and international events; promoting technical visits to partner universities in countries from all the continents; advising the Rector on international matters.

Technical Assistance, Promotion and International Events:

Advise technically the Direction in all acting areas of INT; Elaborate documents, such as reports, memoranda, official letters for the Rector, common letters; Assess civil servants, interns and grantees; Represent the Rector in courtesy visits and meetings with embassies, ministries and international delegations and organisms; Represent UnB in meetings and national and international events and events; Organize and execute projects that encompass international events, such as conferences, seminars, lectures and exhibitions; Publicize information from abroad that refers to study opportunities abroad and grants for Masters and Doctoral degrees and research.


Manage finance and human resources, such as vacation, attendance, archives and patrimony; Supervise the application of the Institutional Development Plan (PDI); Represent INT in national and international meetings and events; Assist the Direction.

International Cooperation

Make international cooperation agreements; Negotiate the rules of the agreement with academic areas from UnB and International Institutions; Attend meetings with foreign delegations; Represent INT in national and international meetings and events; Elaborate and analyze agreements; Give technical advice; Analyze co-advisement processes; Elaborate, proofread and translate documents in several languages.


Select undergraduate students to participate in exchange programs; Receive international students and follow their activities; Negotiate with international partners the positions offered by bilateral agreements, Brazilian Supreme Court, Capes/Fipse, Capes/Brafitec and other programs; Represent INT in national and international meetings and events; Elaborate, proofread and translate documents in several languages.

Special Programs

Execute policies of the Federal Government in the education field, such as the Programa Estudante Convênio – Graduação (Program for Undergraduate Students by Convention - PEC-G) and MARCA Program; Advise freshmen; Select students for lodging, Bolsa Mérito – MRE (Grant Awards), Promisaes Grants, Emergency Grants;·Follow students academic development; Supervise and follow up applications for lodgings from international students by agreement; Represent INT in international and national meetings and events.