The transfer of PEC-G students-agreements to UnB follows the Art. 10 of Decree No. 7,948, of March 12, 2013. The transfer request must be sent to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. containing the following documents:  


a) Transfer request justifying the need for the transfer and informing the intended program

b) Updated National Registry of Foreigners (RNE) or other proof of migratory regularity; 

c) Curriculum Vitae, with personal data, telephone number, address, participation in extracurricular activities and professional experiences; 

d) PEC-G cover letter (the same one issued by MEC upon arrival in Brazil); 

e) Updated Undergraduate Transcript of Records;

f) Syllabus of completed subjects

g) Proof of receipt of financial assistance in accordance with the Financial Responsibility Term of the last 6 months, of at least 400 dollars per month; 

h) Cadastro de Pessoa Física (CPF); 

i) Passport with all pages that are not blank; 

j) Authorization from the PEC-G Coordination at the University of origin, for a possible transfer. 


The documents must be sent with the proper signatures and stamps in PDF format, one file for each item requested.  

The candidate’s documentation will be analyzed by the INT, forwarded to the relevant academic unit, which will issue an opinion and forward to the Chamber of Undergraduate Education - CEG/DEG. The INT contacts the applicant to communicate the final opinion.  

The transfer request will only be analyzed if the documentation is complete.  

Documents submitted that are illegible will be disregarded.  

If the transfer occurs, the student will not be able to apply for a PROMISAES Scholarship or Student Housing in the first semester at UnB.  


Deadlines for submitting a transfer request:  

November 15 (1st semester admission)  

May 15 (2nd semester admission)  

ATENÇÃO – As informações, as fotos e os textos podem ser usados e reproduzidos, integral ou parcialmente, desde que a fonte seja devidamente citada e que não haja alteração de sentido em seus conteúdos. Crédito para textos: nome do repórter/Secom UnB ou Secom UnB. Crédito para fotos: nome do fotógrafo/Secom UnB.